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 Review of Goliath @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
-4 Rating Posted by: Sephiroth7 on 3/18/2002 9:17:00 PM
What a disapointment. A GREAT first and second drop, but after that, the ride, in one word: SUX. It has a very good helix, but in all honesty I am not a huge fan of helixes. They are more of "cherry on top", then the ice cream itself. Good to have, but not the reason why you ordered the sundae in the first place. Too bad they forgot the ice cream! There is NO airtime on this ride. That one little hill is the only glimpse of airtime you will see. There are no bunny hills on the entire ride, it is short, its not as smooth as Nitro...just not that great a ride. Also, Goliath is one giant turn. I dont know about you, but I dont ride hypers to turn, I ride them for drops, bunny hills and the airtime. What looked like would be a great ride turned out to be my least favorite coaster of the day. Ride it for the drop, but dont expect anything else...

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solidiumsn on 1/8/2003 9:42:08 PM said:
sephiroth your a dumbass, this is one of the smoothest rides ive been on, no air time? they have tons of air time all over the ride. that was one of the most expensive rollar coasters to biuld, the biggest until mf, thats why they didnt make it have more stuff plus they were working in a very tight space so you shoudnt complain
B&M Rider on 1/8/2003 10:04:32 PM said:
Maybe you shouldnt call anyone a dumbass.
BobaFett on 3/23/2003 4:47:15 PM said:
This is a great ride, I dont see how you could give it a 4.
Sephiroth7 on 6/9/2003 12:13:09 AM said:
Simple solidiumsn...the actual ride is horrible. Maybe if you could actually write a complete sentence, your opinion would be valuable. Sure the drop is good, but the rest of Goliath is pretty bland. There is almost no airtime, and too many G-Forces kill the experience for me. I like Gs, but I dont like blacking out. You want a great ride Boba, ride Deja Vu or X...
HondaGeo on 8/25/2003 10:41:50 AM said:
there are different kinds of coasters, like outbacks (Nitro) or twisters like Goliath. And out and backs are going to have airtime because that what the track is and twisters are going to be more intese G force wise.
scubadude on 10/16/2003 12:51:46 AM said:
For the space that Magic Mountain had to work with I feel that this ride is great in all
aspects. Yes, around the helix the Gs get to the point where they are uncomfortable, but
you are sitting. While sitting G forces can be lots of fun even if you black out. I thinks
this ride used its space very wisely, it is smooth and a feat that can be seen for miles.
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