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Biography: Welfare am I hrry, a completely foaming phenomenon for the coastal ships from wood I am as a Troll, which is based itself on here and expectations the opportunity, wiseguy raille or from the word puzzles inscrutible to start I hold from my better coastal ship revolutions for safe, which are easily comparable with my better acid journeys.
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Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Cyclone Astroland 4.7593 12
2. The Beast Kings Island 4.4579 52
3. Phoenix Knoebels 4.8052 8
4. Flyer Knoebels 4.5200 37
5. Raven Holiday World 4.3409 84
6. Voyage Holiday World 4.8077 7
7. El Toro Six Flags Great Adventure 4.9149 1
8. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point 4.3704 78
9. Jack Rabbit Kennywood 4.0806 147
19. Wild One, The Six Flags America 3.8621 205

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Big Bad WolfGriffon User ReviewedLoch Ness Monster
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Cedar Point GeminiIron DragonMagnum XL-200 User Ranked #8 User ReviewedMantisMean Streak User ReviewedMillennium ForceRaptor User Reviewed
Coney Island Rides El Dorado Auto SkootersZipper
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Kings Dominion AnacondaAvalancheBerserkerDrop Tower User ReviewedFlight of FearGrizzly User ReviewedHurlerRebel YellShockwaveVolcano, The Blast Coaster User Reviewed
Kings Island Beastie, TheKing CobraThe Beast User Ranked #2The RacerVortex
Knoebels DowndraftFandangoFlyer User Ranked #4 User ReviewedGrand CarouselHaunted Mansion User ReviewedHigh Speed Thrill CoasterItalian TrapezePhoenix User Ranked #3 User ReviewedPower SurgeSkootersTwister
Lake Compounce American FlyersBoulder Dash User ReviewedCarouselCompounce Mountain Sky RideEnterpriseWildcatZoomerang
Magic Kingdom Big Thunder MountainCountry Bear JamboreeEnchanted Tiki RoomHall of Presidents, TheHaunted Mansion, TheIts A Small WorldJungle CruiseMad Tea PartyMike Fink Keel BoatsPeter Pans FlightPirates of the CaribbeanSpace MountainSwiss Family TreehouseTommorow Land SpeedwayTommorow Land Transit AuthorityWalt Disney World Railroad
Moreys Piers AtmosFEARDoo Wopper User ReviewedGreat NorEaster, TheGreat White, The User ReviewedMaelstrom
New York, New York Manhattan Express
Six Flags America Jokers Jinx, The User ReviewedMind Eraser, TheRoar User ReviewedSuperman Ride of Steel User ReviewedTea CupsWild One, The User Ranked #19 User Reviewed
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