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User Name: flcoaster
Member Since: 6/19/2005 2:23:00 PM
Home Town: , FL
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User Tag: Senior Critic (Total Posts:78)
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Biography: I love Disney, Universal, and Anheiser Busch.
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Incredible Hulk Coaster Islands of Adventure 4.5779 29
2. Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom 4.4040 70
3. Kraken Sea-World Florida 4.7025 17
4. Kumba Busch Gardens Tampa 4.4118 65
8. Tower of Terror Disney-MGM Studios 4.6476 22
9. Festival of the Lion King Animal Kingdom 4.0000 162
19. E.T. Adventure Universal Studios Florida 3.4342 316
19. Test Track EPCOT 4.1324 134
19. Fantasmic! Disney-MGM Studios 4.4085 67
19. Journey to Atlantis Sea-World Florida 4.1176 138

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Disney-MGM Studios Beauty and the BeastFantasmic! User Ranked #19 User ReviewedGreat Movie Ride, The User ReviewedHoney, I Shrunk the Kids User ReviewedMuppet Vision 4-DRockn Roller CoasterSounds Dangerous User ReviewedStar Tours User ReviewedTower of Terror User Ranked #8 User ReviewedVoyage of The Little Mermaid User ReviewedWho Wants To Be A Millioniare
EPCOT American Adventure, The User ReviewedBody WarsCircle of Life, The User ReviewedCranium Command User ReviewedEl Rio Del Tiempo User ReviewedFood RocksHoney, I Shrunk the AudienceIlluminations User ReviewedInnoventions User ReviewedJourney Into Imagination User ReviewedLiving Seas, The User ReviewedLiving With the Land User ReviewedMaelstrom User ReviewedMission: Space (Orange)OCanada!Space Ship Earth User ReviewedTest Track User Ranked #19Universe of Energy User Reviewed
Islands of Adventure Adventures of Spiderman User ReviewedBilge-Rat Barges User ReviewedCaro-Suess-elDoctor Dooms Fearfall User ReviewedEight Voyage of SinbadFlight of the HippogriffIncredible Hulk Coaster User Ranked #1 User ReviewedJurrasic Park River Adventure User ReviewedOne fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish User ReviewedPoseidons Fury User ReviewedPteranodon FlyersRipsaw Falls User ReviewedThe Cat In the Hat User ReviewedTriceratops EncounterTriwizard Tournament - Chinese Fireball (Red) User ReviewedTriwizard Tournament - Hungarian Horntail (Blue) User ReviewedXtreme Xventure User Reviewed
Sea-World Florida Blue HorizonsClyde and Seamore ShowJourney to Atlantis User Ranked #19 User ReviewedKraken User Ranked #3 User ReviewedOdysseaPenquin Encounter User ReviewedShamu Adventure User ReviewedTerrors of the DeepWild Arctic
Universal Studios Florida Animal Planet LiveBack to the FutureBeetlejuices Graveyard Review User ReviewedE.T. Adventure User Ranked #19Earthquake - The Big OneFuntastic World of Hanna-BarberaJaws User ReviewedJimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon BlastMen In Black Alien Attack User ReviewedNuthouse Coaster User ReviewedRevenge of the MummyShrek 4-DTerminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time User ReviewedTwister User Reviewed
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