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User Name: spree
Member Since: 6/9/2004 11:39:00 AM
Home Town: Pittsburgh, Pa
Account Status: Verified User
User Tag: Coaster Critic (Total Posts:34)
Reviews Posted: 32
Reviews Rating Received: 2 Good - 3 Bad
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Biography: Im a 21 year old female who has lived in Pittsburgh her whole life. I can remember when I was afraid of coasters, and now you cant get me away from them! I do want to get away from Pittsburgh though, maybe move to Arizona or something...
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Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Space Mountain Magic Kingdom 3.9337 185
2. Exterminator, The Kennywood 4.0185 159
3. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point 4.3704 78
17. Exterrorestrial Alien Encounter Magic Kingdom 3.6543 251
17. Wild Mouse Idlewild and Soakzone 3.2500 -
17. Mister Rogers Neighborhood Idlewild and Soakzone 3.6000 -

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Disney-MGM Studios Honey, I Shrunk the KidsMuppet Vision 4-DRockn Roller CoasterVoyage of The Little Mermaid
Geauga Lake Batman Water Thrill SpectacularBig DipperCarouselDouble LoopGrizzly RunPepsi PlungeRaging Wolf BobsSteel VenomTexas TwisterThunderhawkVillain, TheX-Flight
Idlewild and Soakzone Mister Rogers Neighborhood User Ranked #17 User ReviewedRollo Coaster User ReviewedWild Mouse User Ranked #17 User Reviewed
Kennywood Aero 360 User ReviewedAuto Race User ReviewedBayern Kurve User ReviewedExterminator, The User Ranked #2 User ReviewedFlying Carpet User ReviewedGold Rusher, The User ReviewedGran Prix User ReviewedJack Rabbit User ReviewedKangaroo User ReviewedKing KahunaLog Jammer User ReviewedMerry-Go-Round User ReviewedMusik Express User ReviewedNoahs Ark User ReviewedOld Mill, The User ReviewedOlde Kennywood Railroad User ReviewedParatrooper User ReviewedPhantoms Revenge User ReviewedPippen/Thunderbolt User ReviewedPirate User ReviewedPitt Fall User ReviewedPittsburg PlungeRacer, The User ReviewedRaging Rapids User ReviewedRoll-O-PlaneSteel PhantomSwing Around User ReviewedTurnpike User ReviewedTurtle User ReviewedVolcano User ReviewedWave Swinger User ReviewedWhip User ReviewedWipeout User Reviewed
Magic Kingdom Big Thunder MountainDumbo the Flying ElephantExterrorestrial Alien Encounter User Ranked #17Its A Small WorldMad Tea PartyPeter Pans FlightSpace Mountain User Ranked #1Splash MountainSwiss Family TreehouseTommorow Land SpeedwayTommorow Land Transit AuthorityWalt Disney World Railroad
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