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User Name: agsmith
Member Since: 3/13/2003 7:25:00 PM
Home Town: Rochester, MI
Account Status: Verified User
User Tag: Coaster Critic (Total Posts:20)
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Biography: Stuck in college. Dont be a biochemist, its not fun, unless your strange...oh wait thats me. Half a year until I get my degree...so I can start another degree. Its a vicious cycle. Rides give me a way to escape the treachery of school. Unfortunatly, being in Michigan I cant ride for most of the year. At least Im close to CP, but I want to ride SFMM and Knotts. I was in Las Vegas earlier this year(just turned 21) in February, but these parks were closed. It would have been a long drive, but well worth it. I guess that makes me a loser...Im over it.
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Millennium Force Cedar Point 4.8327 5
2. Montu Busch Gardens Tampa 4.6412 25
3. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point 4.3704 78
4. Gemini Cedar Point 3.9379 183
5. Raptor Cedar Point 4.4873 46
6. Test Track EPCOT 4.1324 134
7. Tower of Terror Disney-MGM Studios 4.6476 22
8. Shivering Timbers Michigans Adventure 4.7551 13
9. Speed: The Ride Sahara Hotel Casino, The 4.2609 97
17. Blue Streak Cedar Point 3.6905 243

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