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Belmont Park Giant Dipper Roller Coaster
Bufallo Bills Hotel Casino Desperado
California Adventure California Screamin User Ranked #6 User ReviewedDisney AnimationGolden ZephyrJim Hensons Muppet Vision 3DJumpin JellyfishMaliboomer User Ranked #9 User ReviewedMulholland MadnessSoarin Over CaliforniaSun WheelSuperstar Limo
Circus Circus Hotel Casino Canyon Blaster User Ranked #7 User ReviewedChaosInverter
Knotts Berry Farm BoomerangGhostRider User Ranked #3HammerHead User Ranked #13Jaguar!Supreme Scream User Ranked #8Timber Mountain Log RideXcelerator
Legoland Dragon, TheSpellbreakerTechnic Coaster User Reviewed
New York, New York Manhattan Express User Reviewed
Sahara Hotel Casino, The Speed: The Ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain Batman The Ride User Ranked #2ColossusGold RusherGoliath User Ranked #1 User ReviewedNinjaPsyclone User ReviewedRevolutionSuperman the EscapeThe Riddlers Revenge User Ranked #4Viper User Ranked #5 User ReviewedX User Reviewed
Stratosphere Hotel Casino, The Big Shot, TheThe High Roller User Reviewed
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