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User Name: supafly
Member Since: 9/3/2001 9:58:00 PM
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User Tag: Coaster Critic (Total Posts:35)
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Reviews Rating Received: 5 Good - 7 Bad
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Biography: A person who thinks WOOD COASTERS RULE!!!
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User Top Rides

Rank Ride Name Park Name TPC Rating TPC Rank
1. Shivering Timbers Michigans Adventure 4.7551 13
2. Millennium Force Cedar Point 4.8327 5
3. The Beast Kings Island 4.4579 52
4. Lightning Racer Hersheypark 4.4314 61
5. GhostRider Knotts Berry Farm 4.6420 24
6. Cyclone Six Flags New England 3.7931 220
7. Bizzaro Six Flags New England 4.8110 6
8. Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point 4.3704 78
9. Cyclops Roller Coaster, The Mount Olympus Theme Park 3.8667 203
10. Cornball Express, The Indiana Beach 4.8571 3

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Park Rides
Canadas Wonderland CliffhangerDragon FireDrop Zone Stunt TowerMighty Canadian MinebusterSilver StreakSky RiderStan Lees 7th PortalThe BatThe FlyThunder RunTimberwolf FallsTop GunVortexWhite Water CanyonWild Beast
Cedar Point Antique Cars User ReviewedBlue Streak User ReviewedCedar Creek Mine Ride User ReviewedCorkscrew User ReviewedDemon DropDisaster TransportGemini User ReviewedGiant WheelIron Dragon User ReviewedJr. Gemini User ReviewedMagnum XL-200 User Ranked #8 User ReviewedMantis User ReviewedMean Streak User ReviewedMillennium Force User Ranked #2Power Tower User ReviewedRaptor User ReviewedSnake River Falls User ReviewedThunder CanyonWhite Water LandingWildCat User ReviewedWoodstock Express User Reviewed
Darien Lake BoomerangGrizzly RunPredator, TheViper
Dorney Park Apollo 2000DominatorDragon CoasterHerculesLaserSteel ForceTalonThunder CanyonThunder Creek MountainThunderhawkWhite Water LandingWild Mouse
Geauga Lake Beaver Land Mine RideBig DipperDominatorDouble LoopGrizzly RunHead SpinMr. Hydes Nasty FallRaging Wolf BobsShipwreck FallsSky ScraperSteel VenomThunderhawkTime WarpVillain, TheX-Flight
Hersheypark Canyon River RapidsCarouselChaosCoal CrackerCometConestogaCyclopsDry Gulch RailroadFender BenderFlying FalconGiant WheelGreat BearKissing TowerLightning Racer User Ranked #4 User ReviewedPirateRodeoScramblerSidewinderSkyviewSooperdooperlooperStarship AmericaTidal ForceTilt-A-WhirlWave SwingerWild CatWild Mouse
Indiana Beach Cornball Express, The User Ranked #10 User ReviewedDouble ShotGalaxieHoosier HurricaneRockys Rapids Log FlumeTigrr
Kings Dominion AnacondaAvalancheEiffel TowerFlight of FearGrizzlyHurlerRebel YellScooby-Doos Ghoster CoasterShockwaveVolcano, The Blast CoasterWhite Water CanyonWhite Water Canyon
Kings Island Adventure ExpressCongo FallsDrop ZoneEiffel TowerFace/OffFlight of FearJames Bond 007 License to ThrillKentons Cove Kellboat CanalKing CobraRugrats Runaway ReptarSon of BeastStan Lees 7th PortalThe Beast User Ranked #3 User ReviewedThe RacerTop GunViking FuryVortexWhitewater CanyonZephyr
Knotts Berry Farm Bigfoot RapidsBoomerangCalico Mine RideDragon SwingGhostRider User Ranked #5 User ReviewedGran SlammerHammerHeadJaguar!Merry Go RoundMontezoomas RevengePerilous PlungeSky CabinSupreme ScreamTampico TumblerTimber Mountain Log RideWaveSwinger
Lake Compounce Boulder DashTop SpinWildcatZoomerang
Michigans Adventure Adventure FallsBig DipperCorkscrewLoggers RunMad MouseShivering Timbers User Ranked #1 User ReviewedWolverine WildcatZachs Zoomer
Mount Olympus Theme Park Cyclops Roller Coaster, The User Ranked #9 User ReviewedPegasus Roller Coaster, TheZeus Roller Coaster, The
Six Flags Great America American Eagle, TheBatman The Ride User ReviewedDemonEscape from Dino Island 3DGiant DropIce Mountain SplashIron WolfLoggers RunRaging Bull User ReviewedRiver RockerRoaring RapidsShockwaveSplashwater FallsV2: Vertical Velocity User ReviewedViperWhizzer
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom ChangMile High FallsPenguins Blizzard Run, TheRoad Runner ExpressSuperman Tower of PowerT2Thunder RunTwisted Twins
Six Flags New England Bizzaro User Ranked #7 User ReviewedBlizzard RiverCyclone User Ranked #6 User ReviewedDouble TroubleFlashbackGreat ChaseMind Eraser, ThePoland Spring PlungeScream!ThunderboltTime Warp
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