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 Review of The Beast @ Kings Island
-5 Rating Posted by: Coastnut on 11/15/2002 5:07:00 PM
The Beast has always been an
overrated train ride, especially with
the football field length mid-course
brake. In its current state of sparce and sporadic
maintenance, its now a painfully
rough, virtually unrideable pile of
firewood. Perhaps it should be
dismantled and made into three
smaller but better coasters. The
Beast and its boring son prove that
bigger and longer dont equate to
better. It seems this monstrosity
always makes top 10 lists, but all
that does is make me wonder if the
voters ever got outside of
southwestern Ohio. Barring a multi-million dollar makeover, Ill never set foot on that horrible contraption in this or any other lifetime. Out of the nearly 400 roller coasters Ive ridden, the ranks at the all-time bottom. If theres another coaster out there worse than this, I hope I never find it.Turn The Beast over to the FBI. It would make an effective, if inhumane tool for torturing information from suspected terrorists.

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Red Rascal on 3/8/2003 11:23:59 AM said:
You know you have to actually ride a rollercoaster before reviewing it.
Inraider on 4/26/2003 11:54:32 AM said:
Thats all a pile of crap and you know it! Get some maturity and actually ride it before bashing it!
fresler on 7/2/2003 5:58:45 PM said:
400 rollercoasters, eh? Name them. And, exactly how many times have you ridden The Beast?
Red Rascal on 7/2/2003 6:26:38 PM said:
How many of those 400 coasters have you actually been on?
beastfello on 7/17/2003 4:49:51 AM said:
You said that you wonder if Beast fans have been outside of southwestern Ohio. Give me a break. A lot of the folks who praise the Beast are ACE members whove certainly seen their share. The Beast follows its own set of rules. I can understand not liking it if you prefer other sorts of coaster. It is different. However, to discredit it so off-handedly seems to have completely missed the essence of the ride. What a masterpiece!
beastfello on 7/17/2003 4:53:37 AM said:
Oh yeah, and to call any wooden coaster "firewood" is pure sacrilege. What merit can your point of view have? As freely as so many parks destroy historically significant coasters, how can your position be taken as one of genuine concern for coasters?
adriahna on 7/17/2003 10:50:32 PM said:
Firewood my ass - and, yeah - Id love to see that 400 list myself. Im glad that youre never planning to ride the Beast "again" (sure, like youve been on it) - your pathetic, rating-fixing ass doesnt deserve the privelege. Jerk.
Rustbelt on 12/18/2003 10:51:19 AM said:
Another one of those people who will say "I do not like this so tear it down." It is somewhat childish. I respect that you do not like the ride, but you lost all credibility with the last sentense.
StXBomber on 12/19/2003 7:59:26 PM said:
I think we have a bad rating on our hands people! We need to have this guy kicked out, because lets face it, 1. 400 coasters? According to rcdb.com, there are 1739 coasters in the world. Lets take out SBNO ones, and dismantled ones, and relocated ones, and that # is drastically lower. Not to mention those also count kiddy coasters. 2. I see you have ridden it because you know about the brake run. So what, its a brake run. Many rides have them. 3. If it consistantly makes top 10 lists, even after 25 years of being open, it must be that there is alot of good things about this ride. Since you even stated the fact that it is constantly top 10 lists, then you just proved yourself to be in the minority about this ride. Thank you and go away.

EDIT: I also just noticed you have only rated 2 of these so called 400 coasters. Thank you very much for being a moron.
hero11390 on 12/30/2003 4:46:44 PM said:
Jesus Christ just leave this guy alone he can say what he wants
taylorb251 on 6/5/2006 10:03:17 AM said:
hero11390 he can say what he wants and so can everyone else. This is a bad review. There is no way that the beast is a 1 and should be torn down! This is a classic ride that is my number 1 coaster. Just because it has brakes on it doesnt make it the worst coaster ever.
nyeboy9 on 6/6/2006 10:55:23 AM said:
How Coastnut Reviewed this ride.
I know what Ill do! Ill review this ride and act like I rode it. Than Ill say I never rode it. Im a genius!
No wonder the word NUT is in your screenname.
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