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Author Six Flags Flash Passes
Canobie Coaster
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9/6/2007 5:46:21 PM
My last visit to Six Flags New England got me really fed up with the Flash Passes. Those Flash Passes I know let the users not wait in line, but last Saturday it was obvious that Six Flags is still not very organized about using them.

When waiting in line for Batman, I got really upset by Six Flags' policies for Flash Passes. After waiting in a very slow moving line, we got to the station and were about to get assigned a seat when there came an invasion of Flash Passes. Usually the operators absolutely refuse to let you choose or wait for a seat. However, all of the Flash Pass people were allowed to choose their seats (they filled quite a few rows). Everyone should be allowed at least to pick seats and not get assigned them. Flash Passes let you "go to the front of lines", not get special rights.

Also, Pandemonium's single-riders line shares space with the Flash Pass line. The single-riders could have gotten on right away (I saw plenty of empty seats), but most of the line was backed up with Flash Pass people, even some of which who cut the line to show it was their time to ride.

Also, the flat rides that use Flash Passes (Scream, Nightwing, and Catapult) let all the Flash Pass people on before anyone else. That's really annoying as Scream doesn't hold a lot and they usually took up a third of each car and on Catapult they took up one whole arm.

What are your personal opinions and experiences about Six Flags' Flash Passes (at any parks)?

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9/6/2007 8:31:15 PM
I mean the people do pay extra for that, plus you don't know how many of those were the Gold Flash Passes, where it actually does let you cut the line.
Canobie Coaster
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9/7/2007 4:28:19 PM
Yes, but don't you think that Six Flags' policies for Flash Passes are unorganized. I understand they have the right to cut the line, but Six Flags just needs to improve their policies in my opinion.
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9/7/2007 11:37:34 PM
I have had similar problems with Flash pass and at SFNE. Being held up for an extra 30 minutes while Flash pass holder filed into the front of Blizzard Rivers station and it was only my brother and 1 and we could have helped fill a few of the boats that were sent out with just flash pass holders.

I don't like the system. mostly because it creates a worse experiance for those that don't or can't get them.
Canobie Coaster
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9/8/2007 11:06:49 AM
I agree that parks should try to make line-jumping privledges available to everyone, but most of the major parks that use this have you pay extra, generally to much for a lot of people to use. Disney is the only ones that are free from what I have seen.
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7/14/2009 12:02:21 AM
At SFA, back when Flash Pass, I believe it was Fast Lane back then, was free (LOL yes there was a time), you went to a kiosk and they let you choose I think 3-4 rides and you got a ticket with a time on it (I think it was a specific time, not a 1 hour window like at Disney), each ride had a "non desirable" row reserved for it. Some rides completely blocked off the lane to regular riders (like Wild One) others like didn't block off a lane but had it labled as Fast Lane as a warning. Well, one day my friend and I were going on Wild One with Fast Lane, we went up the exit ramp, and right when we got up there a flood of people came up right behind us. We were the first in line to get on, and an operator stepped up to us and and announced "Choose any seat you'd like", and let everyone in the fast lane get on the train and yeah my friend and I took the front much to the dismay of the regular line. I don't know if that was competely necessary, but now if I had paid for it I wouldn't expect to have to wait 20 minutes for a seat in the middle of the train.
TN Soccer Ref
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8/17/2009 9:39:11 AM
I went to 6 Flags over Georgia. One thing that I noticed is that they still hold up Flash Pass users on some rides. There were about 20 Flash Pass users forming there own line, before we got on Great American Scream Machine..
Maybe we got lucky with this one. But we got 2 Flash Passes. One for 3 people & one for 2 people. With both we used them for 5 people. They never checked. You may be able to just get one, and have your party go with you. It may save you some money. Also on a couple of rides they never reset ours so when we got off, we went right back on. I know it does seem unfair to do that, but we did pay extra & they didn't do there job.
Message updated 8/17/2009 9:39:37 AM by TN Soccer Ref
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4/11/2010 1:31:50 AM
You are right Flash Pass dosen't work. My buddies b& I stop going to Six Flags. I also hate Flash pass they don't work and there are lots and lots of people cutting in the line. Now My Buddies & I has season pass to Kings dominion. You just got to go to KD. There's a new ride for 2010. Intimidatorn 305.That coaster is awesome it goes from 84- 90 mph. And Kings Dominion don'tr do flash pass or any other pass. That's why I like going to Kings Dpminion instead of SFA.
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